This New Year Enlighten your homes with these sacred Buddha Statues

Sleigh bells are ringing and most of us are busy celebrating Xmas and New Year. ‘Tis the season to welcoming guests and making an oath in the New Year. Alongside, it is also the time when most of us unite to decorate the patio, homes and gardens. Some of us use the wall murals, art pieces or paintings whereas some others use attractive Buddha statues, Buddha figurines and good luck charms.This New Year Enlighten your homes with these sacred Buddha Statues
This New Year cascade your homes with Chi energy and invigorating Zen Garden décor. Here are a few decorating ideas to help you start with.
Buddha Child Garden Statue
This seated child Buddha statue in lotus position with eye’s closed in deep meditation will add a touch of Asian inspiration to your Garden décor. You can also compliment your Feng Shui with this tranquilizing child Buddha statue holding a strand of meditation beads.
Elephant being a sanctified animal in Asian traditions, this Buddha statue depicts an elephant carrying a child destined for greatness. Swamp your homes with good luck and prosperity by placing this statue next to the front door.
Enlighten your garden area with this beautiful Buddha statue. This serene Buddha Garden Statue will add to the elegance of your garden's foliage and home decor. This statue seated in the meditation pose with its left palm facing skies and right palm facing ground depicts the moment of enlightenment of Buddha.
Elephant being the most sacred and wondrous animal are one of the blessed treasures of Buddha. This kneeling elephant statue symbolizes good luck, fortification and wisdom in the practice of Feng Shui. You can gift this to a new landowner or place it near your own front door.
So, what are you waiting for, this new year revitalize your homes by swathing them in Buddha décor and bring home the wisdom, good fortune and success. You can also make a purchase by visiting online home décor store at http://oakvalleydecor.com/collections/buddha-garden-statues

Blissful Angel Statues to emulsify the beauty & Cool Interiors & Exteriors

Have you been looking to decorate your home and garden this winter with the beautiful and blissful angel statues? Blissful Angel Statues to emulsify the beauty & Cool Interiors & Exteriors
Check for the best one to match your present interior sand emulsify with the current beauty. People also love to have these angel garden statues that give you the perfect feel of positivity and purity. Angels are known to spread happiness and positivity wherever they go. Let’s begin it from your own home this time. Decorative angel figurines will be the best at the entrance of your garden to give you the heavenly feel.You can also add one to the patio and enhance its beauty.
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garden fairy statues or the home décor items that we showcase in various designs, styles, patterns and sizes. Add the magical and mystical fairy statues to feel the fairy coming home amidst the snowfall.
Relive the fairy tale days again this winter by adding the most phenomenal collection of statues. We all have grown with fairy tales why not have one all time in front of us or in our gardens live your childhood every moment. Create your own tales with our garden fairy statues. 

Top 5 Christmas Décor Accents

Oak Valley Décor Christmas Nativity SetsDeciding on the perfect holiday accents for your home can be daunting when there are thousands of options available.

At Oak Valley Décor we have a wide selection of holiday and Christmas décor to meet your needs, wants and desires. Best of all, we have selected the top holiday décor items from the Oak Valley Décor Online Store!

Top 5 Holiday Décor Accents:

LED Decorative Trees Illuminate your home in style! Delight at the sight as lights sparkle through the beautifully crafted, life-like tree trunk and branches of an LED decorative tree, adding whimsy and charm to any space. Choose a small LED tree to add a subtle sparkling accent during the holiday season, or make a bold statement with a large focal point and create an inviting, elegant atmosphere this holiday season.

Hologram Christmas Balls Celebrate the Christmas season in style with our growing collection of LED Christmas lights, and enjoy the beauty of twinkling LED lights hanging from your entryway, fireplace, or Christmas tree. LED Christmas lights are battery operated and can be hung outdoors to add a magical touch to your garden décor.

LED String and Rope Lights Perfect for decorating a wreath, tree, table or centerpiece, LED rope lights are available in white or multi-colour LED strands with options for twinkling LED lights or a steady illumination. Operating on a timer, indoors or out, LED rope lights are a classic addition to holiday home décor, and a must for any Christmas tree!

Nativity and Religious Statues Celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus with an intricately carved nativity set including Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus as well as the three Wise Men bringing gifts and thanks. Enjoy our collection of beautifully crafted religious garden statues and marvel in the stunning detail of figures including Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the three Wise Men, and full nativity sets in a variety of styles and sizes, destined to add peace and serenity to your home.

LED Icicle Lights Create the illusion of a beautiful winter snowfall with a strand of LED icicle lights and transform your outdoor space into a winter wonderland for the holiday season, or year round! Displayed in a window, or cascading through the leaves of a tree outdoors, LED snowfall lights are the latest in Christmas LED décor, and a stunning accent to any home, celebration or special occasion.

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Meet the Warren Stratford Collection!

Canadian artist Warren Stratford is world-renown for his fun and humorous figurine collections.

Warren H. B. Stratford has been putting smiles on people’s faces with his fun and humorous art since he was young. Using any material he could find, and without an ounce of formal training, Warren could mould stunning and elaborate pieces of art enjoyed by all.

In the late 1980’s Warren formally pursued a career in art, and worked as a character designer, designer and illustrator is various corners of the world including Japan, Taiwan, and China. With his extensive experience and fun-loving humour, the Warren Stratford Collection has been stunning audiences with his figurines in international galleries and art shows.

Meet the Warren Stratford Collection!

Hand-crafted by Warren Stratford himself with meticulous attention paid to every single detail, each Warren Stratford Figurine is part of a specific series and limited edition!

  • Dinos Series – cute and playful dinosaurs doing everyday activities like they never disappeared.
  • Sugar Skullz Series –bright and colourful sugar skulls are inspired by Mexican festivities, rock and roll and tattoos.
  • Hippie Dayz Series – celebrates the peace-and-love days of the 60s when flower power ruled.
  • Moose Headz Series – captures a comical moose doing a variety of chores and activities.
  • Ribbitz Series – leaping frogs showing-off their athletic skills with a bit of attitude.
  • Occupations Series – captures the essence of various jobs including doctors, nurses, construction workers, cooks, pilots, professors, and many many more.
    Each Warren Stratford Figurine is as comical and charming as the next, and the perfect gift to brighten someone’s day or celebrate a special accomplishment.