Top 5 Christmas Décor Accents

Oak Valley Décor Christmas Nativity SetsDeciding on the perfect holiday accents for your home can be daunting when there are thousands of options available.

At Oak Valley Décor we have a wide selection of holiday and Christmas décor to meet your needs, wants and desires. Best of all, we have selected the top holiday décor items from the Oak Valley Décor Online Store!

Top 5 Holiday Décor Accents:

LED Decorative Trees Illuminate your home in style! Delight at the sight as lights sparkle through the beautifully crafted, life-like tree trunk and branches of an LED decorative tree, adding whimsy and charm to any space. Choose a small LED tree to add a subtle sparkling accent during the holiday season, or make a bold statement with a large focal point and create an inviting, elegant atmosphere this holiday season.

Hologram Christmas Balls Celebrate the Christmas season in style with our growing collection of LED Christmas lights, and enjoy the beauty of twinkling LED lights hanging from your entryway, fireplace, or Christmas tree. LED Christmas lights are battery operated and can be hung outdoors to add a magical touch to your garden décor.

LED String and Rope Lights Perfect for decorating a wreath, tree, table or centerpiece, LED rope lights are available in white or multi-colour LED strands with options for twinkling LED lights or a steady illumination. Operating on a timer, indoors or out, LED rope lights are a classic addition to holiday home décor, and a must for any Christmas tree!

Nativity and Religious Statues Celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus with an intricately carved nativity set including Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus as well as the three Wise Men bringing gifts and thanks. Enjoy our collection of beautifully crafted religious garden statues and marvel in the stunning detail of figures including Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the three Wise Men, and full nativity sets in a variety of styles and sizes, destined to add peace and serenity to your home.

LED Icicle Lights Create the illusion of a beautiful winter snowfall with a strand of LED icicle lights and transform your outdoor space into a winter wonderland for the holiday season, or year round! Displayed in a window, or cascading through the leaves of a tree outdoors, LED snowfall lights are the latest in Christmas LED décor, and a stunning accent to any home, celebration or special occasion.

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