Bring the Outdoors In with Acrylic Suncatchers

Outdoors In with Acrylic SuncatchersBring the outdoors in, capture bright rays of the sunlight and watch them reflect off beautiful acrylic suncatchers!

The optical equivalent of a wind chime, suncatchers beautifully reflect sunlight into any room. Hang one in a sun-filled window, or hang a cluster of suncatchers in a tree outdoors, and enjoy the mesmerizing reflections cast as light dances off the contours of each suncatcher.

  • Add a fun and unique accent to any room with colourful Butterfly Suncatchers, Flower Suncatchers or Angel Suncatchers.
  • Decorate for a party, wedding or special celebration (indoors or out) with Clear Snowflake Suncatchers and create a festive ambiance in any room.
  • Brighten up a room with Crystal Diamond Suncatchers, a subtle, yet beautiful accent to any window, reflecting a charming prism of colours into any space.

The Oak Valley Collection of Acrylic Suncatchers are available in a wide selection of shapes, styles and sizes, including dangling chain suncatchers and even unique flip-flops! A charming addition to any home décor, and unique gift for a special friend.

Are you looking for the perfect suncatcher? Contact Oak Valley Today! We would be glad to help you sift through our collection and find the perfect piece.