Add a focal point to your outdoor space with an elegant angel garden fairy statue. Whether in commemoration, memorial or celebration of life, angel sculptures bring beauty and comfort to any space. Bring the magical world of fairies to your home with our enchanting garden fairy statues, cast with metal wings and stunning accents, these garden fairies will add a magical charm to your outdoor garden.

Our wide collection of garden fairies and angel sculptures are available in a variety of sizes and styles to compliment your garden décor. They are beautifully crafted with exquisite life-like details from head to toe. Select from an array of options including angel bird baths and angel bird feeders!

Your guests will do a double-take when they see a garden animal statue nestled amongst your garden décor. With stunning craftsmanship and intricate lifelike details, our collection of garden animal statues are as close to real as you can get. Find the perfect addition to your outdoor décor with our collection of lifelike bears, birds, deer, horses, chickens, bald eagles, pigs, penguins, lions, turtles and dog statues of Poodle, Dalmatian, Schnauzer, Yorkshire terrier, Lab, Cocker Spaniel, Bull Dog breeds and many more!

Add an element of surprise to your garden, patio or deck with our special collection of exotic garden animal statues including giraffes, camels, elephants, pandas and gorillas. With our extensive collection of garden animal statues you will find the perfect piece to suit your tastes and home décor.

Transform your outdoor garden into a peaceful, Zen retreat where you can unwind, recharge, meditate to the sounds of nature, and let tranquillity take over with our Buddha garden statues. Add a touch of Asian or Oriental inspiration to your home décor with majestic Foo Dog statues, guardian lions protecting their lair. Or own a slice of history with an incredibly detailed kneeling Terra Cotta Warrior statue, a loyal archer ready to defend his Emperor.

Compliment your Feng Shui with a Buddha garden statue to attract positive chi and balance in your home. Rub the belly of the laughing Buddha garden statue for good fortune, bask in the innocence of child Buddha figures discovering the beauty of the world, or enjoy the calm serenity of the all-knowing meditating Buddha statue. Select from our extensive collection of Buddha garden statues, each as serene and intricately detailed as the next, and create an outdoor sanctuary where you can experience tranquillity, awareness and enlightenment.

Create an intimate outdoor conversation area with our exclusive collection of metal chairs and benches, beautifully crafted to compliment any style or décor. Relax and watch the sunset from an elegant garden bench nestled in your favourite outdoor spot, add an architectural accent to your garden year-round with a metal archway, or enjoy a wedding or special occasion under the beautifully sculpted metal arches of an arbour.

Enjoy our stunning butterfly outdoor garden décor with beautifully moulded, and intricately detailed metal chairs, benches and planters, each designed to complement the other and fit perfectly in any outdoor space. Choose from our special collection of outdoor garden décor, and create a quaint and elegant atmosphere in your outdoor space with our garden chairs, garden benches, metal arbours and planters.

Escape into the whimsical world of fairies with a fairy garden miniatures that both adults and children will enjoy, complete with living plants, houses, furniture, garden accessories, and most importantly - enchanting miniature fairies. Let your child’s imagination run wild and create a magical fairy garden with our fantastic collection of fairy garden miniatures, including fairy garden animals, fairy garden houses and miniature furniture, arbours, tables, chairs and benches.

Each item is so beautifully and delicately crafted that fairies could have had a hand in making them themselves! Add a touch of magic and charm to your outdoor garden with a miniature fairy garden where flowers become trees, twigs mark a path and pebbles lead up to a stunning miniature fairy garden cottage. Create an outdoor escape where imagination runs free, and anything is possible.

Create a special corner for yourself where you can relax, escape the stresses of the day and let tranquillity take over. Enjoy the beautiful dancing flames of our flameless candles without the mess, fuss or hazard of a hot flame!

As a table top centrepiece, illuminating a fireplace, or scattered throughout a room, battery operated candles can add a touch of warmth and ambiance to any home décor or special celebration. Turn the candle 'on' or use the 'timer' function and the flameless candle will flicker for 5 hours, rest for 19 hours and illuminate again at the same time the next day. For even more convenience, all Oak Valley Décor flameless candles are compatible with the flameless candle remote control.

Indoor flameless candles are crafted out of real wax, while outdoor flameless candles are created out of durable plastic designed to withstand varying temperatures. Industrial, Art Deco, Classic, Contemporary, Asian, Colonial, Victorian, Rustic or Zen – a flameless candle is the perfect accent to any design style.

Decorate your outdoor space with a unique garden gnome statue, make a statement, set the tone, or add a touch of personality with our special selection of beautifully crafted garden statues. Our collection of garden accent and garden gnome statues include whimsical cherub-faced babies asleep in protective angel wings, magical garden gnomes, majestic lions sitting guard, and even the iconic Easter Island Moai statues.

With such a great collection of garden statues, you are bound to find the perfect accent statue to compliment your décor and add a touch of personality to your outdoor space. Colonial, Asian, Art Deco, Modern, Victorian, or Contemporary – find the perfect garden accent statue to compliment your design style, and add a touch of charm to your garden, patio or deck.

Your guests will take a second look when they see a garden floater nestled amongst your garden décor. With stunning craftsmanship and intricate lifelike details, our collection of garden floaters are as close to real as you can get. Find the perfect addition to your outdoor space with our collection of lifelike duck, crocodile, tortoise, whale, etc shaped garden floaters.

We also have a wide variety of garden stakes with solar LEDs. With our extensive collection of garden stakes and floaters, you can find the perfect piece to suit your taste as well as your home décor.

Our exquisite selection of illuminated floral lighted branches provide endless options to subtly illuminate your home year round, or set the ambiance and decorate for a party, wedding or special occasion. Select from an array of illuminated garlands, wreathes and LED trees including stunning bonsai and birch trees of various heights and styles, each beautifully crafted to capture the natural detail of the trunk, branches and blooms.

Browse through our special collection of illuminated floral lighted branches that can be molded and positioned to fit any space; Illuminated stems of delicate flowering blooms, orchids, cherry blossoms, pussy willows, calla lilies and roses, and lightened branches of leaves, willows, and even snow filled pinecones! Find the perfect floral LED branches to accent your home and compliment your style.

Add a unique touch to your next party, wedding or special occasion with our LED decorative lights! Our special collection of decorative LED lights include LED base lights that can be positioned to beautifully illuminate your accent décor with a rainbow of coloured LED, or crystal clear LED lights. Place an LED decorative base light under a vase, behind a buffet or under a table to add a touch of elegance that will marvel your guests!

Illuminate your home with our selection of LED decorative lights. Enjoy the ambiance evoked by the beautifully crafted LED star rope lights, a festive addition to a fireplace, mantel, buffet or wedding table. Or, bask the beauty of your outdoor garden, day and night, with our colour-changing LED ball light, a perfect accent for your favorite flower bed, deck or patio.

Illuminate your home in style with LED cherry blossom trees! Delight at the sight as lights sparkle through the beautifully crafted, life-like tree trunk and branches of an LED decorative tree, adding whimsy and charm to any space. Choose a small LED lighted tree to add a subtle sparkling accent your home décor, or make a bold statement with a large focal point and create an inviting, elegant atmosphere at your next big celebration or event. Whether displayed indoors or beautifully incorporated in your outdoor landscaping, these LED branches are bound to impress!

Enjoy our collection of decorative LED lighted tress featuring LED cherry blossom trees, bonsais, weeping willows, maple leaves, blooming flowers, and even color-changing crystal LED lights. With heights ranging from 80cm to 2.8m, and LED colors including pink, green, blue, white, and red – find the perfect tree to complement your style, and light up the ambiance in your home.

Celebrate the Christmas season in style with our growing collection of LED Christmas lights, and enjoy the beauty of twinkling LED lights hanging from your entryway, fireplace, or Christmas tree. LED Christmas lights are battery operated and can be hung outdoors to add a magical touch to your garden décor.

Set the perfect mood for your next celebration with our collection of LED Christmas tree lights and choose from a variety of LED light settings including steady-on, fade to dime, and twinkle. Marvel at the dancing hologram stars as the LED Christmas ball produces a subtle yet beautiful light show for all to enjoy. Whether displayed indoors or beautifully incorporated in your outdoor landscaping, these LED Christmas lights are bound to impress!

Create the illusion of a beautiful winter snowfall with a strand of LED icicle lights and transform your outdoor space into a winter wonderland for the holiday season, or all year round! Displayed in a window, or cascading through the leaves of a tree outdoors, LED icicle lights are the latest in Christmas LED décor, and a stunning accent to any home, celebration or special occasion.

Light up your home and create an elegant, inviting atmosphere with our collection of LED icicle lights of various lengths, and celebrate Christmas in style! Delight at the sight of LED icicle lights trickling down the length of the tube, adding whimsy and charm to any space. Contemporary, Industrial, Art Deco, Classic, Asian, Colonial, Victorian, or Rustic - LED snowfall lights are the perfect accent to any design style.

Enjoy the sparkling beauty of LED string lights and LED rope lights, and let the spirit of the holiday season take over. Perfect for decorating a wreath, tree, table or centrepiece, LED rope lights are available in white or multi-colour LED strands with options for twinkling LED lights or a steady illumination. Operating on a timer, indoors or out, LED rope lights are a classic addition to holiday home décor, and a must for any Christmas tree!

Browse through our special selection of LED string lights and LED rope lights to find the perfect illumination for your home décor, event, or special occasion. Our beautiful and subtle LED string lights are the latest trend in LED décor. Also known as LED fairy lights for their miniature size, each strand holds tiny LED lights along a very thin lead wire that can be molded into any shape, and beautifully illuminate your favorite accent piece.

Add a touch of elegance to your homes with our beautiful range of illuminated paintings. Our special collection of lighted wall art pictures can be used to decorate your indoor as well as your outdoor space.

We have a wide range of lighted canvas pictures and you can pick the one that perfectly complements your sense of style and decor. So illuminate your homes with our lighted wall art pictures and enjoy the ambience created by them.

Transform your outdoor space into a stunning, personal oasis where you can escape the stresses of the day, relax with the natural sounds of a cascading garden water fountain, and let tranquillity take over. Select an LED illuminated outdoor garden water fountain and marvel in the dancing shadows cast as streams of water cascade into tiered oasis pools, creating a beautiful atmosphere, both day and night.

Enjoy our collection of beautifully sculpted garden fountains featuring meditating Buddhas, plants and flowers, urns, bricks, tree branches and logs, rock walls, and even children delightfully playing at a water fountain. Colonial, Asian, Art Deco, Modern, Victorian, or Contemporary - find the perfect outdoor garden water fountain to complement your design style, and add a touch of charm to your garden, patio or deck.

Transform your outdoor space into an inviting oasis. A large, elegant urn or garden planter can add a stunning finishing touch to your outdoor garden, patio or deck. Whether alone, filled with greenery or blooming flowers, dress up your outdoor space with a beautifully sculpted garden urn or garden planter. Perfect as a focal point or even nestled amongst a garden bed of flowers.

Browse our growing selection of beautifully sculpted urns and garden planters; each specifically selected to compliment an array of home décor styles including Contemporary, Modern, Art Deco, Asian and Colonial.

Create a quiet corner in your garden, a show of faith, a memorial, or remembrance of a loved one, and embrace the peaceful serenity evoked by our beautiful collection of religious garden statues. Escape in the beauty of Mary's open and accepting arms, Jesus amongst a flock sheep, or replica of the last supper with Jesus and the twelve Disciples.

Celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus with an intricately carved nativity garden statue set including Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus as well as the three Wise Men bringing gifts and thanks. Enjoy our collection of beautifully crafted religious garden statues and marvel in the stunning detail of figures including Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the three Wise Men, and full nativity statue sets in a variety of styles and sizes, destined to add peace and serenity to your home.

Create a personal sanctuary where you can relax, put your feet up, curl up with a good book, and enjoy the soothing, calming sounds of water cascading down the tiers of a stunning tabletop fountain. Select a beautifully crafted, life-like tree trunk tabletop water fountain or cascading urn fountain with LED illuminated oasis pools, and set the ambiance both day and night! Our vast collection of tabletop fountains also feature stacked rock fountains, log fountains, Buddha fountains and even ceramic vase fountains decorated with ornate flower details.

Industrial, Art Deco, Contemporary, Asian, Colonial, Victorian, Rustic or Zen – find the perfect tabletop fountain to compliment your home décor and enjoy tranquillity in your office, living room, patio, deck or garden.

Transform a spare room, garage or basement into your own, personal man cave, and set the tone with vintage car décor shelves. Your guests will marvel at the stunning craftsmanship and intricate detail of each car shelf and might even be able to guess the year that the vintage car was made in!

Whether you enjoy the slick look of vintage speedsters like the 1965 Shelby Cobra or 1969 Chevy Camaro, or luxurious vintage cars like the 1966 Pontiac GTO or 1959 Cadillac. We’ve got an extensive collection of vintage car décor shelves to suit your wants and needs. Don’t miss our special selection of old-fashion car décor accessories including clocks, salt and pepper shakers, key racks, pen holders, lamps, and more!

Canadian artist Warren Stratford is world-renown for his fun and humorous figurine collections. Hand-crafted by Warren Stratford himself with meticulous attention paid to every detail, each figurine is part of a specific series and limited edition!

Our extensive collection of Warren Stratford figurines include the cute and playful Dinos series, the peace-and-love Hippie Dayz series, the comical Moose Headz series, the leaping Ribbitz frog series, and the stunning Sugar Skullz series inspired by the beautiful colours of Mexican day of the dead celebrations.

The Warren Stratford figurines series captures the essence of various jobs included doctors, nurses, construction workers, cooks, pilots, professors, and many more; Each of which is as comical and charming as the next. The Warren Stratford Figurines is the perfect gift to brighten someone’s day or celebrate a special accomplishment.