Buddha Statues

Transform your outdoor garden into a peaceful, Zen retreat where you can unwind, recharge, meditate to the sounds of nature, and let tranquillity take over with our Buddha garden statues. Add a touch of Asian or Oriental inspiration to your home décor with majestic Foo Dog statues, guardian lions protecting their lair. Or own a slice of history with an incredibly detailed kneeling Terra Cotta Warrior statue, a loyal archer ready to defend his Emperor.

Compliment your Feng Shui with a Buddha garden statue to attract positive chi and balance in your home. Rub the belly of the laughing Buddha garden statue for good fortune, bask in the innocence of child Buddha figures discovering the beauty of the world, or enjoy the calm serenity of the all-knowing meditating Buddha statue. Select from our extensive collection of Buddha garden statues, each as serene and intricately detailed as the next, and create an outdoor sanctuary where you can experience tranquillity, awareness and enlightenment.