Meet the Warren Stratford Collection!

Canadian artist Warren Stratford is world-renown for his fun and humorous figurine collections.

Warren H. B. Stratford has been putting smiles on people’s faces with his fun and humorous art since he was young. Using any material he could find, and without an ounce of formal training, Warren could mould stunning and elaborate pieces of art enjoyed by all.

In the late 1980’s Warren formally pursued a career in art, and worked as a character designer, designer and illustrator is various corners of the world including Japan, Taiwan, and China. With his extensive experience and fun-loving humour, the Warren Stratford Collection has been stunning audiences with his figurines in international galleries and art shows.

Meet the Warren Stratford Collection!

Hand-crafted by Warren Stratford himself with meticulous attention paid to every single detail, each Warren Stratford Figurine is part of a specific series and limited edition!

  • Dinos Series – cute and playful dinosaurs doing everyday activities like they never disappeared.
  • Sugar Skullz Series –bright and colourful sugar skulls are inspired by Mexican festivities, rock and roll and tattoos.
  • Hippie Dayz Series – celebrates the peace-and-love days of the 60s when flower power ruled.
  • Moose Headz Series – captures a comical moose doing a variety of chores and activities.
  • Ribbitz Series – leaping frogs showing-off their athletic skills with a bit of attitude.
  • Occupations Series – captures the essence of various jobs including doctors, nurses, construction workers, cooks, pilots, professors, and many many more.
    Each Warren Stratford Figurine is as comical and charming as the next, and the perfect gift to brighten someone’s day or celebrate a special accomplishment.