LED Trees

Illuminate your home in style with LED cherry blossom trees! Delight at the sight as lights sparkle through the beautifully crafted, life-like tree trunk and branches of an LED decorative tree, adding whimsy and charm to any space. Choose a small LED lighted tree to add a subtle sparkling accent your home décor, or make a bold statement with a large focal point and create an inviting, elegant atmosphere at your next big celebration or event. Whether displayed indoors or beautifully incorporated in your outdoor landscaping, these LED branches are bound to impress!

Enjoy our collection of decorative LED lighted tress featuring LED cherry blossom trees, bonsais, weeping willows, maple leaves, blooming flowers, and even color-changing crystal LED lights. With heights ranging from 80cm to 2.8m, and LED colors including pink, green, blue, white, and red – find the perfect tree to complement your style, and light up the ambiance in your home.