3D Puzzle Lights are the Latest Trend in Illuminated Décor!

Oak Valley Collection of 3D Puzzle Lights

Accent your home with 3D Puzzle Lights and set the perfect ambiance!

Originally designed in 1972 by Danish designer Holger Strom who started out making Christmas lights out of geometric shapes glued together to form stunning 3Dimensional light stands.

3D Puzzle Lights have evolved since the 70's with the use of inter-locking parts instead of glue, and a multitude of shapes creating stunning, illuminated geometric designs of all shapes and sizes. By simply locking pieces together various shapes can be created and changed as many times as the heart desires!

A fun and modern addition to any bedroom, dinning room or living room, and a unique accent for a party, wedding or special occasion, 3D Lanterns and Lamps project stunning lights and shadows, creating a beautiful, elegant ambiance in any space.

Oak Valley 3D Puzzle Lights and Lanterns are made of durable, high-quality plastic in an array of colours including blue, green, pink, orange, red, white, and several shapes:

  • Round 3D Lanterns
  • Floral 3D Lanterns
  • Leaf 3D Lanterns
  • Square 3D Lanterns

Show Your Creativity! Use your artistic skills and create your own unique 3D Lantern colour combination by mixing two 3D Lantern packs, and awe your guests with your creativity.

A Funky, Unique Gift! Give the gift of a 3D Puzzle Light to a special friend, don’t forget the 3D Lantern Cable, available in 15ft to accommodate any space, and the bright, energy efficient 3D Lantern Light Bulb.

Illuminated décor is the latest trend, and the selection available at the Oak Valley Décor Online Store is destined to impress!

Top 6 Wedding Décor Accents

Oak Valley Wedding DécorDeciding on wedding and reception décor can be a daunting task, from picking a theme, style and colour palette, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with options.

At Oak Valley we have a wide selection of décor to meet your needs, wants and desires. Best of all, we have selected the top wedding décor items from the Oak Valley Collection!

Top 6 Oak Valley Wedding Décor Accents:

White Illuminated Planters

Having an outdoor wedding or reception? Illuminate your venue with white lighted planters! Beautifully illuminated from below, available in a variety of sizes and shapes, oval, round or square, these white illuminate planters create an elegant ambiance, destined to impress.

White LED Decorative Trees

Illuminate your wedding reception in style! White LED decorative trees are a stunning, sparkling accent to any wedding décor. Oak Valley holds an extensive collection of LED trees, in all shapes, sizes and colours, each as beautiful and life-like as the next.

Flameless Pillar Candles

Flameless candles instantly create a romantic and intimate atmosphere. Battery operated candles mimic the dancing flames of beautiful pillar candles without the mess, fuss or hazard of a real, hot flame! With various heights available, battery operated candles are ideal for wedding table centerpieces, as a group, accented with flowers, or nestled in a cyclone vase.

Decorative Archways

Decorative metal arbours are stunning backdrop décor pieces for a wedding, indoors and out! Whether adorned with flowers, or as is, a beautiful archway is the perfect background for an officiated wedding ceremony, or accent décor behind the newlyweds during a wedding reception.

White Illuminated Floral Lights

Illuminated décor is the latest trend, and a unique addition to wedding décor. The Oak Valley selection of illuminated floral lights provide endless options to elegantly illuminate a wedding reception, and set the ambiance for the evening.

White 3D Puzzle Lights

Whether subtly illuminating a wedding reception or highlighting the dance floor, white 3D Lanterns are fun and unique accents to any wedding reception. The geometric shapes of these puzzle lights cast beautiful shadows, creating an elegant ambiance for all to enjoy.

Do you have a unique wedding theme? Contact us we’ll guide you through the Oak Valley Collection of Accent Décor and help you find the perfect décor for your special day!