Woodland Week

woodland week July 11th - 17th

Here at OakValley Decor we are very excited to carry Hi-Line Gift products.! This week we are celebrating Woodland week and featuring just some of the lovely woodland creature statues from Hi-Line Gift that we have available for order.

Everyday this week on our Facebook page you can see one of our many Woodland Creatures available for order. From the incredibly adorable to the breathtakingly majestic. These beautifully detailed pieces of art are made from durable poly-resin and therefore can be placed indoors or outdoors for display.

Perhaps you know someone who is a wilderness lover, and you are looking for the perfect gift for them. We have it! Looking to decorate a hunting lodge? We have you covered. Looking for something unique to display in your garden or yard? Look no further. Do you know a bird lover? We have Owls, Blue Jays, Cardinals, and even Hawk statues!

You can place your orders today, or pass this Blog post along to the animal lover in your life! Check Facebook everyday for the Woodland Week Creature of the Day! https://www.facebook.com/oakvalleydecor/

4 Ways to Titivate Your Homes with Stylish Home Décor

The home interiors and stylistic room décor have long been connected with custom and perfect surroundings. When we talk about beautifying our home interiors, furniture plays a vital role in ornamenting the overall appearance and feel of the home. Here are 4 ways to revamp your home with offbeat home décor furniture and give your home an elegant appeal.
4 Ways to Titivate Your Homes with Stylish Home Décor
Exotic chairs and furniture
While style adds to luxury, chairs and furniture add oomph to the homes, patio and gardens. Exotic chairs like high heel shoe chairs and scripted accent chairs lift the home appeal.  You can pick from varied range of patio furniture available at oakvalleydecor and give your terraces a bracing look.
Funky Upholstery
Funky upholstery adds a fashion statement to the homes. You can place the trendy upholstered furniture in lawns and patios as well. Also, you can opt for your choice of fabric patterns like zebra and geometric designs and add vigor to your funky home décor.
Stunning lawn Furniture and Patio furniture
Lawn and patio furniture enhances the garden ambience and adds grace to the home decor. You can decide on the most elegant and stylish outdoor home furniture with vivid array online home décor available at http://oakvalleydecor.com/collections/decorative-garden-furniture
Colorful home décor accessories
Room décor accessories grab attention of every eye, so make most of it and pick the perfect combination to compliment your stylish home décor. Pick bold and striking room accessories like dazzling stiletto chair or unique animal paw chairs in vibrant colors and let them be the talk of the night.
Won’t you like to own one of them? Surf these vivacious stylish chairs and furniture available at oakvalleydecor and let your home be a style statement for others!

This New Year Enlighten your homes with these sacred Buddha Statues

Sleigh bells are ringing and most of us are busy celebrating Xmas and New Year. ‘Tis the season to welcoming guests and making an oath in the New Year. Alongside, it is also the time when most of us unite to decorate the patio, homes and gardens. Some of us use the wall murals, art pieces or paintings whereas some others use attractive Buddha statues, Buddha figurines and good luck charms.This New Year Enlighten your homes with these sacred Buddha Statues
This New Year cascade your homes with Chi energy and invigorating Zen Garden décor. Here are a few decorating ideas to help you start with.
Buddha Child Garden Statue
This seated child Buddha statue in lotus position with eye’s closed in deep meditation will add a touch of Asian inspiration to your Garden décor. You can also compliment your Feng Shui with this tranquilizing child Buddha statue holding a strand of meditation beads.
Elephant being a sanctified animal in Asian traditions, this Buddha statue depicts an elephant carrying a child destined for greatness. Swamp your homes with good luck and prosperity by placing this statue next to the front door.
Enlighten your garden area with this beautiful Buddha statue. This serene Buddha Garden Statue will add to the elegance of your garden's foliage and home decor. This statue seated in the meditation pose with its left palm facing skies and right palm facing ground depicts the moment of enlightenment of Buddha.
Elephant being the most sacred and wondrous animal are one of the blessed treasures of Buddha. This kneeling elephant statue symbolizes good luck, fortification and wisdom in the practice of Feng Shui. You can gift this to a new landowner or place it near your own front door.
So, what are you waiting for, this new year revitalize your homes by swathing them in Buddha décor and bring home the wisdom, good fortune and success. You can also make a purchase by visiting online home décor store at http://oakvalleydecor.com/collections/buddha-garden-statues

Blissful Angel Statues to emulsify the beauty & Cool Interiors & Exteriors

Have you been looking to decorate your home and garden this winter with the beautiful and blissful angel statues? Blissful Angel Statues to emulsify the beauty & Cool Interiors & Exteriors
Check for the best one to match your present interior sand emulsify with the current beauty. People also love to have these angel garden statues that give you the perfect feel of positivity and purity. Angels are known to spread happiness and positivity wherever they go. Let’s begin it from your own home this time. Decorative angel figurines will be the best at the entrance of your garden to give you the heavenly feel.You can also add one to the patio and enhance its beauty.
Check our amazing and splendid online home décor store for the various
garden fairy statues or the home décor items that we showcase in various designs, styles, patterns and sizes. Add the magical and mystical fairy statues to feel the fairy coming home amidst the snowfall.
Relive the fairy tale days again this winter by adding the most phenomenal collection of statues. We all have grown with fairy tales why not have one all time in front of us or in our gardens live your childhood every moment. Create your own tales with our garden fairy statues. 

Make This Christmas Brighter with Colourful LED Lights

The Christmas bells are ringing. Lights are glowing and your home is attracting more guests. 25th December being a big celebration day and the longest vacation for you, can be the best time for you to add some Decorative LED lights in your homes. Here's how you can use the lights in the right way to illuminate your beautiful home.

Make This Christmas Brighter with Colourful LED Lights

LED Trees:  Let every corner of your home or garden blossom with colorful trees that would add more splendor to the looks of your home or garden. You can use same color LED trees in opposite directions to add more charm to the looks. 

LED Christmas Light:  Special LED Christmas Lights this festive will add charm to your celebrations. Beaming faces all around the corner will be brighten more when you add some exquisite LED lights that are hanging on your entrance, your windows, fireplaces and the decorative Christmas trees in the corner of your room. 

LED Snow Lights: Create your own snowfall effect with the beautiful and eye-catching LED Snow lights in your outdoors. You can use the latest style of decorative LED lights to create the aura of winters and festive season. Hang them around the window, near the trees, at the entrance and feel the winters all the time.

Flame less Candles: No need to clean the mess of the candles in your homes as we have an amazing and beautiful way for you to decorate your homes with the Flame less Candles. T

Have a bright, lighted and amazing Christmas with the best quality LED Decorative Lights, for more LED lights check our online store Oakvalleydecor.com 

Beautiful & Decorative Christmas Gifts for Homes

When Christmas is round the corner, it is time for some shopping. Make a list of those special people in your life and choose the perfect gifts for them. Let your theme be home décor for this time. Recall the interiors of their houses and see which animal statues can fit in their homes. For past many years’ people prefer to give decorative trees, illuminated paintings, statues of angels & fairies, the famous Buddha statue, table top fountains and lot more. See what all you can buy.

 Beautiful & Decorative Christmas Gifts for Homes


Illuminated Painting

An extra life in the living room by adding the beautiful illuminated paintings that come with the ON & OFF switch would be a perfect gift for someone very close to art.  Click here to pick the one that will blend with your interiors.

Religious Statues

When Christmas is around nothing could be better than gifting a perfect religious statue. These are easily available on the online home décor store at amazing prices. Celebrate this festive season with some beautiful and touching Jesus & Mary Statues. Click here to pick the one that will blend with your interiors and exteriors.

Decorative Trees

Christmas is all about lights and beautiful gifts. Add some charm to your garden and home with amazing LED decorative trees available in different colors, sizes and shapes. Click here to pick the one that will blend with your interiors and exteriors.

Angel & Fairy Statues

During this festive season where decorations are on top adding a few angel & fairies statues would be a great add on to your garden beauty. You will find great discounts on garden décor that will allow you to make this Christmas more special for your loved ones. Check our collection now Click Here.

Table Top Fountains

Vacation time is relaxation time. Create this atmosphere in your homes itself this year by adding some table top fountains in your gardens and homes. They give a fresh and amazing feeling when you want to sit and relax. Get the best ones for your garden now Click here.

Warren Stratford Figurines

Best time to add some fun and excitement with some beautiful Warren Stratford Figurines for the fun loving and lovers of statues and figurines. This can be the perfect way to welcome Christmas. This Canadian artist Warren Stratford is known for his art and famous figurines collections. You will find cute and playful dinos and frog figurines. Check our collection now Click Here.


These can be one of the most affordable home décor items that can be best for gifting purpose this Christmas. Wish to buy some beautiful stuff now click here


Fun and Unique House Warming Gifts

Fun and Unique House Warming GiftsAre you looking for the perfect, unique gift for a friend who has just moved into their dream home? We have selected the top house warming gifts from the Oak Valley Collection!

Top 6 House Warming Gifts:
  • Outdoor Garden Furniture – Give the gift of an intimate outdoor conversation area with our exclusive collection of metal chairs, benches and arbours, beautifully crafted to compliment any style or décor.
  • Illuminated Outdoor Planters – Add an air of elegance to any space with LED illuminated planters to lighten an outdoor path, showcase a beautiful garden, or set the mood for a special celebration or evening party.
  • 3D Lantern and Lamps – Give the gift of a fun and unique 3D puzzle light available in round, floral, leaf and square styles, and made of durable, high-quality plastic in an array of colours including blue, green, pink, orange, red, white, and more!
  • Table Top Fountains – Help create a calm and peaceful personal sanctuary with the gift of a table top fountain available in a variety of sizes and styles to compliment any home, garden, patio or deck.
  • Handmade Doormats – Give a special, personalized and welcoming greeting to any entryway with our extensive collection of eco-friendly handmade doormats that are sturdy, durable and created with 100% renewable fibres.
  • Flameless Pillar Candles – With safety in mind, battery operated candles add a touch of warmth and ambiance to any home décor without the fuss and mess of a real flame!

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a friend? Contact Us Today! We would be glad to discuss the home and garden décor accents in the Oak Valley Collection.

Tips for a Perfect Zen Makeover

Tips for a Perfect Zen MakeoverAsian inspired décor brings peace and tranquillity to any space, both indoors and out!

To help you with your Zen makeover we have selecting the perfect Oak Valley Collection pieces to add to your space to create a Zen oasis where you can escape the stresses of the day and enjoy calm serenity.

Top Oak Valley Zen Décor Accents:

  • LED Bonsai Trees – Add an illuminated table top bonsai tree to your space, and accent your favorite corner in the room. Select from an array of colours including pink, white, orange and green LED illuminated flowers
  • Table Top Fountains – Create a calm and tranquil ambiance with a stunning cascading water fountain! Select from our collection of beautifully crafted fountain with LED illuminated oasis pools and meditate to the rhythmic sounds of a waterfall.
  • Buddha Statues - Compliment your Feng Shui with a Buddha statue to attract positive chi and balance in your home. Select from our extensive collection of Buddha statues, each as serene and intricately detailed as the next.
  • Flameless Candles – Create a soothing, warm ambiance with the glowing light of beautiful candles without the mess, fuss and danger of a real flame! Available in an array of sizes, each battery operate candle has a timer function for ease and convenience.

Do you need assistance with your Zen makeover? Contact Us Today! We would be glad to help you create the perfect sanctuary to experience tranquillity, awareness and enlightenment. 

Great Your Guests with a Stunning, Unique Handmade Doormat!

Unique Handmade DoormatProvide a special greeting to your guests with our stunning selection of handmade doormats in various colours, sizes and styles!

Say welcome, bonjour, come in, or add a touch of personality to your entryway with our special collection of doormats featuring beautiful floral designs, animals, chevron stripes and more.

The Entryways brand of doormats are handmade by locals in Kerala located in the most Southwestern state in India.

Features of the exclusive Oak Valley Décor Collection of Doormats:

  • Every doormat is handmade from coir coconut husks, 100% renewable natural fibres and recycled materials.
  • Each doormat is carefully hand woven, hand stencilled and coloured with fade resistant dyes that are eco-friendly.
  • Handmade doormats are sturdy, durable and pass through rigorous review to ensure every doormat is of the highest quality.

Learn how these stunning doormats are made!

Do you need help selecting a doormat for your home? Contact us today, a sales associate would be glad to help you narrow down your selection.

Bring Your Love of Animals Home with a Lifelike Animal Garden Statue

Animal Garden StatueAnimal Garden Statues are the newest trend in outdoor garden décor! Nestled within your garden flower patch, or featured front and center, your friends and family are bound to do a double take at their surreal, lifelike nature.

The Oak Valley Animal Statue Collection contains just about any animal imaginable including bears, birds, deer, horses, chickens, bald eagles, pigs, penguins, lions, turtles, numerous dog breeds, and many more. All Oak Valley animal garden statues are crafted in sturdy, durable polyresin that is able to withstand outdoor elements. Each garden statue is beautifully molded to capture the unique characteristics of the animal, and painted with stunning, intricate details to bring them to life.

Add an extraordinary element of surprise to a garden, deck or patio with Oak Valley Exotic Animal Statues including penguins, giraffes, camels, elephants, crocodiles, pandas and gorillas. Or, incorporate a love of local wild life with deer, ducks, owls, coyotes, and birds including majestic flying herons and stunning white swans.

Celebrate a beloved family pet with a lifelike Life-like Dog Statues. Oak Valley has an extensive collection of lifelike puppy and adult size Dog Statues. Available breeds including Poodle, Dalmatian, Schnauzer, Yorkshire Terrier, Lab, Cocker Spaniel, Bull Dog and many, many more.

Bring your love of rustic farm life home with Farm Animal Garden Statues of hens, chickens, roosters, sheep, horses, pigs, cows, and never feel too far away from the beauty and charm of a country farm. 

Are you looking for a specific animal statue? Contact us today, a sales associate would be glad to help you narrow down your selection.

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