Fun and Unique House Warming Gifts

Fun and Unique House Warming GiftsAre you looking for the perfect, unique gift for a friend who has just moved into their dream home? We have selected the top house warming gifts from the Oak Valley Collection!

Top 6 House Warming Gifts:
  • Outdoor Garden Furniture – Give the gift of an intimate outdoor conversation area with our exclusive collection of metal chairs, benches and arbours, beautifully crafted to compliment any style or décor.
  • Illuminated Outdoor Planters – Add an air of elegance to any space with LED illuminated planters to lighten an outdoor path, showcase a beautiful garden, or set the mood for a special celebration or evening party.
  • 3D Lantern and Lamps – Give the gift of a fun and unique 3D puzzle light available in round, floral, leaf and square styles, and made of durable, high-quality plastic in an array of colours including blue, green, pink, orange, red, white, and more!
  • Table Top Fountains – Help create a calm and peaceful personal sanctuary with the gift of a table top fountain available in a variety of sizes and styles to compliment any home, garden, patio or deck.
  • Handmade Doormats – Give a special, personalized and welcoming greeting to any entryway with our extensive collection of eco-friendly handmade doormats that are sturdy, durable and created with 100% renewable fibres.
  • Flameless Pillar Candles – With safety in mind, battery operated candles add a touch of warmth and ambiance to any home décor without the fuss and mess of a real flame!

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a friend? Contact Us Today! We would be glad to discuss the home and garden décor accents in the Oak Valley Collection.

Tips for a Perfect Zen Makeover

Tips for a Perfect Zen MakeoverAsian inspired décor brings peace and tranquillity to any space, both indoors and out!

To help you with your Zen makeover we have selecting the perfect Oak Valley Collection pieces to add to your space to create a Zen oasis where you can escape the stresses of the day and enjoy calm serenity.

Top Oak Valley Zen Décor Accents:

  • LED Bonsai Trees – Add an illuminated table top bonsai tree to your space, and accent your favorite corner in the room. Select from an array of colours including pink, white, orange and green LED illuminated flowers
  • Table Top Fountains – Create a calm and tranquil ambiance with a stunning cascading water fountain! Select from our collection of beautifully crafted fountain with LED illuminated oasis pools and meditate to the rhythmic sounds of a waterfall.
  • Buddha Statues - Compliment your Feng Shui with a Buddha statue to attract positive chi and balance in your home. Select from our extensive collection of Buddha statues, each as serene and intricately detailed as the next.
  • Flameless Candles – Create a soothing, warm ambiance with the glowing light of beautiful candles without the mess, fuss and danger of a real flame! Available in an array of sizes, each battery operate candle has a timer function for ease and convenience.

Do you need assistance with your Zen makeover? Contact Us Today! We would be glad to help you create the perfect sanctuary to experience tranquillity, awareness and enlightenment. 

Bring the Outdoors In with Table Top Fountains

style="float: right;"Bring the Outdoors In with Table Top FountainsCreate a personal sanctuary where you can relax, put your feet up, curl up with a good book, and enjoy the soothing, calming sounds of water cascading down tiers of a stunning table top fountain.

Visit the Oak Valley Décor Collection of Table Top Fountains and find the perfect table top fountain to compliment your home décor!

Choose from a Special Selection of Table Top Fountains:

  • Buddha Fountain – enjoy the serenity of rhythmic cascading water, perfect for meditating and a stunning addition to any Asian inspired décor.
  • Cascading Rock Pool Waterfall – bring nature indoors with a stunning rock waterfall, illuminated with LED creating an elegant ambiance both day and night.
  • Pouring Jugs Waterfall – for an elegant touch to classic décor, these 3 beautifully crafted jugs cascade water, one to another, creating a unique a captivating table top accent.
  • Ceramic Floral Fountain – available in several sizes and designs, ceramic table top fountains are a unique touch to home décor. With funnels cascading water down a beautifully moulded, flower engraved base.
  • Tree Trunk Fountain – add a natural touch to table top décor with a life like tree trunk fountain with water trickling through cracks and crevasses into beautiful LED illuminated pools.

Industrial, Art Deco, Contemporary, Asian, Colonial, Victorian, Rustic or Zen – enjoy tranquillity in your office, living room, patio, deck or garden with a table top fountain!

Do you have any questions about Oak Valley Table Top Fountains? Contact Us! We would be glad to answer any questions and help you find the perfect fountain to compliment your décor.

Garden Fountains Bring the Outdoors to Life!

Outdoor Garden FountainTransform your outdoor space into a stunning, personal oasis where you can escape the stresses of the day, put your feet up and let tranquillity take over!

The natural sound of cascading water has a calming, meditative effect and creates a relaxing atmosphere for all to enjoy. Set the ambiance day and night with an LED Garden Fountain and enjoy the dancing lights cast as water flows into beautifully crafted pools, illuminated by LEDs.

The Oak Valley Collection of Outdoor Garden Fountains includes a wide selection of waterfalls of every colour, size and style. Whether your décor is Asian, Colonial, Art Deco, Modern or Contemporary, you will find the perfect outdoor fountain to complement your outdoor design style:

Contemporary Décor:
Make a statement in your outdoor garden with a stunning Fountain Wall and enjoy the tranquillity as water falls down beautifully etched façades into an illuminated oasis pool at the base.

Asian Inspired Décor:
Perfect for any outdoor garden sanctuary, an intricately sculpted Buddha Fountain brings a calming serenity to Asian inspired outdoor décor, and encourages meditation.

Natural Décor:
Whether placed as a centerpiece or nestled amongst your garden, our extensive collection of life-like Log and Stone Fountains, will add a touch of charm to your outdoor décor, and when illuminated with LED, create a beautiful ambiance both day and night.

When selecting a garden fountain be sure to look at the scale of your fountain in comparison to the surrounding garden décor, plants and flowers. If looking for a smaller fountain consider our collection of Indoor and Outdoor Table-Top Fountains!

All Oak Valley Garden Fountains are low maintenance and function with a minimal amount of water which is constantly pumped and recycled. Contact us! We’d be glad to help you select the perfect fountain to compliment your décor.