• Create a Personal Sanctuary with a Zen Waterfall Fountain
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Create a Personal Sanctuary with a Zen Waterfall Fountain

Create a Personal Sanctuary with a Zen Waterfall FountainIndoors or out, waterfall fountains instantly create an ambiance of peace and tranquillity!

Escape the stresses of the day and create your own personal sanctuary with a Zen waterfall fountain. The sound of cascading water instantly creates an ambiance of peace and tranquillity, perfect for stress relief and relaxation.

The Best Zen Waterfalls at Oak Valley Décor:

  • Standing Fountain Wall with LED Light This stunning fountain wall in black resin is beautifully etched and gently illuminated with an LED light from below. Escape the stresses of the day and relax in tranquillity as water flows down the ridged façade collecting in a lush pool at the base.
  • Meditating Buddha Fountain with LED Light Bring calm and tranquillity to your outdoor garden with this elegant clayfibre Buddha meditating in the lotus position. Beautifully illuminated with LED this meditation fountain is a stunning addition to Asian inspired décor, setting the ambiance both day and night.
  • Tiered Rock Pool Fountain with LED Lights Add a touch of charm to your outdoor garden, or accent to your Asian inspired home décor with this lifelike tiered rock pool fountain accented with LED lights. Day and night relax with the gentle sounds of water cascading through beautifully sculpted rock pools, delicately perched upon one another.
  • Cascading Bowl Fountain with LED Lights This cascading fountain with 3 beautifully shaped bowls will transform your outdoor garden into a personal oasis. Enjoy the sight and sounds as cascading water flows tier to tier from bowls illuminated with LED lights. Set the mood, day or night, and let tranquillity take over.

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