OakValley Decor - Premium Home & Garden Online Décor Store

At OakValley Décor we have carefully selected each item in our home and garden collection. In selecting a piece for our collection, we evaluate quality, artistry, craftsmanship, style and durability to ensure that every piece meets our rigorous standards of quality control and we can offer our customers first-class products of the finest quality.

The OakValley collection of home and garden décor includes unique pieces found in different corners of the world, and décor lines exclusive to OakValley:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Statues: Create a personal oasis in your home or garden with our extensive collection of statues including a beautiful series of religious statues and nativity sets, and carefully selected Buddha statues destined to bring a soothing tranquility to any space. Sit in wonder at the lifelike details of our exquisite collection of animal statues, sure to surprise any passersby, or add a touch of whimsy and charm to your home décor with our stunning angel and fairy statues, each as elegant and beautifully crafted as the next.
  • Warren Stratford Figurines Collection: Canadian artist Warren H. B. Stratford is world-renown for his fun and humorous figurine collections. Hand-crafted by Warren himself with meticulous attention paid to every detail, each of our Warren Stratford figurines is part of a specific series and limited edition!
  • Decorative Lights: Illuminate your home in style! Delight at the sight as lights sparkle through beautifully crafted, life-like LED decorative trees, enjoy the magical beauty of twinkling LED Christmas lights, or transform your home or garden into a winter wonderland with cascading LED icicle lights for the holiday season. Our amazing collection of decorative lights also include illuminated floral lights that provide endless options to subtly illuminate your home year round, stunning 3D lanterns to add a modern, geometric touch to your décor, and  LED decoration lights ideal for  party, weddings or special occasions. 
  • Furniture: Create an intimate conversation area with our collection of metal decorative garden furniture, including our special butterfly series of chairs and benches, beautifully crafted to compliment any style or décor, or our grand arbours and archways that are the perfect accent to a party, wedding our special celebration. Add a touch of charm to your home décor with an elegant, comfortable, modern high heel shoe chair and choose from our colourful selection of patterns in a range of sizes for both children and adults.
  • Garden Décor: Transform your outdoor space, deck or patio into a personal, private sanctuary where you can unwind to the sounds of a garden fountain, or cascading table top fountain, escape the stresses of the day, and let tranquility take over. Decorate your outdoor space with our selection of unique garden accent statues, or beautifully sculpted garden urns and illuminated garden planters perfect as a focal point or nestled amongst a garden bed of flowers. Create a whimsical, charming world of fairies with a miniature fairy garden that both adults and children can enjoy, and let your imagination run free! Our extensive collection of fairy garden miniatures include houses, furniture, garden accessories, and most importantly – enchanting miniature fairies.
  • Collectables: Transform a spare room, garage or basement into your own, personal man cave, and set the tone with our vintage car décor shelves, and selection of old-fashion car décor accessories including clocks, salt and pepper shakers, key racks pen holders, lamps, and more! Bring a touch of nostalgia to your home with vintage replica décor, and flashback to simpler times when icons like John Wayne and Elvis Pressley personified an era, Coca-Cola was the drink of choice, and entertainment came in the form of radio shows and Western movies.