Top 6 Wedding Décor Accents

Oak Valley Wedding DécorDeciding on wedding and reception décor can be a daunting task, from picking a theme, style and colour palette, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with options.

At Oak Valley we have a wide selection of décor to meet your needs, wants and desires. Best of all, we have selected the top wedding décor items from the Oak Valley Collection!

Top 6 Oak Valley Wedding Décor Accents:

White Illuminated Planters

Having an outdoor wedding or reception? Illuminate your venue with white lighted planters! Beautifully illuminated from below, available in a variety of sizes and shapes, oval, round or square, these white illuminate planters create an elegant ambiance, destined to impress.

White LED Decorative Trees

Illuminate your wedding reception in style! White LED decorative trees are a stunning, sparkling accent to any wedding décor. Oak Valley holds an extensive collection of LED trees, in all shapes, sizes and colours, each as beautiful and life-like as the next.

Flameless Pillar Candles

Flameless candles instantly create a romantic and intimate atmosphere. Battery operated candles mimic the dancing flames of beautiful pillar candles without the mess, fuss or hazard of a real, hot flame! With various heights available, battery operated candles are ideal for wedding table centerpieces, as a group, accented with flowers, or nestled in a cyclone vase.

Decorative Archways

Decorative metal arbours are stunning backdrop décor pieces for a wedding, indoors and out! Whether adorned with flowers, or as is, a beautiful archway is the perfect background for an officiated wedding ceremony, or accent décor behind the newlyweds during a wedding reception.

White Illuminated Floral Lights

Illuminated décor is the latest trend, and a unique addition to wedding décor. The Oak Valley selection of illuminated floral lights provide endless options to elegantly illuminate a wedding reception, and set the ambiance for the evening.

White 3D Puzzle Lights

Whether subtly illuminating a wedding reception or highlighting the dance floor, white 3D Lanterns are fun and unique accents to any wedding reception. The geometric shapes of these puzzle lights cast beautiful shadows, creating an elegant ambiance for all to enjoy.

Do you have a unique wedding theme? Contact us we’ll guide you through the Oak Valley Collection of Accent Décor and help you find the perfect décor for your special day!

Home and Garden Décor Online – 24 Hours a Day!

Oak Valley Home and Garden Décor OnlineOak Valley Home and Garden Décor is a one-stop-shop for home and garden décor items, and we are available online, 24 hours a day, every day of the year! Peruse the Oak Valley Collection online, and order at the simple click of a button.

Every item in the Oak Valley Décor Collection is selected based on quality, craftsmanship, artistry, style and durability. We understand quality and style, and ensure that the Oak Valley Collection meets rigorous standards, and customers are offered first-class products of the finest quality.

Build an Outdoor Oasis!

Transform an outdoor garden, deck or patio into a personal, private sanctuary, unwind to the sounds of a cascading garden fountain, escape the stresses of the day, and let tranquillity take over. The Oak Valley Garden Décor Collection carries every item needed to transform an outdoor garden into an outdoor oasis.

Entertain in Style!

Illuminated décor is the newest craze, and the Oak Valley Decorative Lights Collection is destined to impress. With a wide selection of beautifully Illuminated floral lights, LED string lights, illuminated urns and planters, and stunning LED trees, there is something for every taste, style and celebration!

Create a Man Cave!

Transform a spare room, garage or basement into a  personal man cave, and set the tone with the Oak Valley Car Décor Shelves  and selection of old-fashion car décor accessories including clocks, salt and pepper shakers, key racks pen holders, lamps, and more replica décor!

Add a Vintage Touch!

Bring a touch of nostalgia home with Oak Valley Vintage Replica Décor and flashback to simpler times when icons like John Wayne and Elvis Presley personified an era, Coca-Cola was the drink of choice, and entertainment came in the form of radio shows and Western movies.

Home decorating has never been so convenient! Visit the Oak Valley Home and Garden Décor Online Store now, you are bound to find something you will want to get your hand on for yourself, or order for a special friend.

Illuminate your Home with a Table Top Bonsai Tree

Illuminate your Home with a Table Top Bonsai Tree

Add a touch of Asian inspiration to your home décor with an Illuminated Table-Top Bonsai Tree!

Bonsai when translated from Japanese closely means ‘plant in container or bowl’. Bonsai is the art of planting, nourishing, moulding and grooming a miniature tree to embody and represent the stunning beauty of nature.

Used in Japanese culture and Zen Buddhism as a form of meditation, caring for bonsai requires patience, precision, commitment and a delicate touch.

The Oak Valley Collection of Illuminated Floral Lights is extensive and includes several bonsai trees of various colours and styles to complement your home décor:

  • Bonsai Tree with Leaves – adds a subtle elegance to any space, with delicately crafted leaves illuminated with LED, this bonsai is destined to impress.
  • Blooming Bonsai Tree – mimicking the shape and style of a beautifully flowering bonsai, add a touch of summer to your décor with the illuminated blossoms of this bonsai.
  • White Bonsai Tree – add elegance to your home, party or wedding décor with this stunning white bonsai tree with LED lights enclosed in stunning flower blooms.
  • Battery Operated LED Bonsai Tree – available in white, pink, orange and yellow and only needing 3 AA batteries, these gorgeous flowering LED bonsai can be used to illuminate any corner of your home.
  • Silver Dollar LED Bonsai – a unique take on the bonsai, small LED lights are beautifully reflected by silver dollar pendants delicately hanging from branches.
  • LED Bonsai Tree – life-like with brown trunk and branches, this bonsai includes over 128 mini-LED lights that create a stunning effect!

Do you need help looking through the Oak Valley Collection of Illuminated Floral Lights? Contact Us Today! One of our representatives would be glad to answer your questions and help you select the perfect bonsai.

Decorate with Candles Both Inside and Out!

Decorate with Candles Both Inside and Out!Decorate with candles for any special occasion, or accent your home décor year round!

Enjoy the beautiful dancing flames of illuminated candles without the mess, fuss or hazard of a hot flame with the Oak Valley Collection of Flameless Candles specifically designed to mimic the flickering light of a dancing flames and create a warm and inviting ambiance.

Indoor flameless candles are created out of real wax, while outdoor candles are crafted out of special durable plastics designed to withstand the elements and still appear very real.

Industrial, Art Deco, Classic, Contemporary, Asian, Colonial, Victorian, Rustic or Zen – a flameless battery candle is the perfect accent to any design style, both indoors and out!

5 Tips for Decorating with Candles:

  • Create a Centrepiece – Collect several pillar candles, and place them on a decorated tray, mirrored glass, decorated with garlands or staggered on a tiered stand, enjoy a warm and sophisticated ambiance.
  • Brighten a Personal Nook – add a touch of comfort and charm to your favourite spot, indoors or out, and enjoy the dancing flames of illuminated candles as you put your feet up and relax.
  • Revive a Fireplace – Place several battery operated candles of various heights in a fire pit, give an old fireplace a new look, and safely enjoy ambiance year round.
  • Set the Mood – Set the ambiance for a great night! Celebrate a wedding or romantic evening with flameless candles scattered throughout your home and garden.
  • Add a Touch of Elegance – Position illuminated candles in glass cylinders to add an elegant and dramatic accent to your décor. Place decorative beads or stones at the base for a touch of colour!

Oak Valley Décor also carries the Remote Control for Flameless Candles! Enjoy the unique convenience of turning your candles on or off with the simple press of a button. It has never been easier to create the perfect ambiance for yourself and your guests.